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Salome Bey and Jackie Shane’s Pioneer Work in the Canadian Blues Scene

The Canadian blues scene was birthed in the 60s and delivered steady notes of emotional and harmonic Black voices. The blues’ range and resilience reflected those that carried the notes from flattened thirds to sevenths. A Trailblazer to Note American Black soul artists like John Ellison and Mel Brown came to Canada to expand their […]

Portrait of Vonny Lorde

Photographer, Vonny Lorde’s Journey Toward Creating a Space for Black Creatives in Toronto

Vonny Lorde is a homegrown, Toronto Photographer and Creative Director creating opportunities by providing an affordable and safe space to amplify Black creatives. Vonny’s not-for-profit organization, ExposureTO, is a 400 sqft photography studio located in Parkdale. The studio offers cameras, camera equipment, lighting and backdrops members can use, courtesy of Fujifilm North America and Henry’s […]

Standing in the Gap with Doula Cassandra Thompson

“Am I allowed to smoke? Some people would say, ‘No! Don’t smoke. And don’t swear on my interview.’” I don’t know much about Cassandra Thompson, but I’m highly intrigued at her open ability to offer me her most authentic self right off the bat. I can already tell she’s an old soul with much to […]

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