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Natalya Wheeler in front of neon vibrant lines

Doula Natalya Wheeler Forges a Pathway to Inner & Collective Birthing Peace

I was secretly overjoyed when Natalya Wheeler, fresh off giving birth to her first child no less than a week prior, agreed to be interviewed for this article. She showed up promptly to our virtual conversation rocking a fresh white sherpa, flawless bronzed face still aglow with those coveted pregnancy hormones that leave your skin […]

Vanessa Smothers sitting on her living room couch

Black Space(s) : Vanessa Smithers

Finding a space to call home as a Black person can be challenging. In this series, we will be exploring how Black people navigate and create safe spaces that they call home. To share the story of your space, contact us at editorial@tonedmag.com. Vanessa Smithers is the founder of Helllo, It’s Vee, a consultancy company, […]

the wave of Canadian sounds

The New Wave of Canadian Sounds

2020 forced us to be decisive with what outlets helped us manage our emotions. Well into 2021 and dealing with 2020’s leftovers of work burnout, low energy and messy boundaries, the universal language of music has been an outlet for many, not just music lovers. Music masterpieces and the magnetic personalities behind them have long […]

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