Black-Owned Canadian Businesses to Shop at This Holiday Season

This year has required an extra dosage of self-care. With winter in high gear and a new lockdown in place, the holiday season will look differently. But gift-giving can be a nice way of keeping the holiday spirit alive! If you plan on shipping gifts to friends and family like me, you can support Black-owned, Canadian businesses in a special way this year. Give friends and family gifts that can spice up their everyday and shop for some self-care items during this unprecedented time.

Here are some Black-owned holiday gift ideas to help you knock each person off your list:


Pop of love beauty

Lip Glaze from Pop of Love Beauty

With so many colours to brighten a bleak day, Pop of Love Beauty is the perfect gift for friends and family to spice up their everyday makeup look. Pop of Love Beauty is a Toronto-based company that carries vegan and cruelty-free makeup, providing a large selection of matte liquid lipsticks and lip glazes.

Shop Pop of Love Beauty


Lippie Lab

Lip Gloss from Lippie Lab

Not only will Lippie Lab’s lip glosses keep your lips moisturized, they will also take your gloss to the next level. Lippie Lab carries a variety of high sheen, long-lasting vegan glosses that include great ingredients for your lips.

Shop Lippie Lab


Rayne Hair Essentials

Satin-Lined Bonnet from Rayne Hair Essentials

Nothing like taking care of your hair during a restful night’s sleep. These luxurious bonnets are the perfect gift for any hair type that is seeking protection while they rest.

Shop Rayne Hair Essentials


up north naturals

Hair Products from Up North Naturals

Self-care includes taking care of your tresses. With bundles curated specifically for wash day and styling, prepare for clean, replenished and hydrated hair. What more could you ask for?

Shop Up North Naturals


Amokè durag

Durags from Amokè

Durags have become multi-purposeful, from styling for everyday wear to keeping your hair waves in check. Amokè currently carries 6 different coloured velvet durags. Stack up on a few for your bffs!

Shop Amokè


hair band from Forsee

Hair Accessories from Foursee Toronto

A gift suited for a KWEEN, Foursee carries gorgeous headbands, perfectly created to fit your crown.

Shop Foursee Toronto


Soie body butter

Natural Body Butter from Soie

Showers have become my favourite source of me-time during lockdown. I play my favorite music playlists or podcasts, and sing to my hair conditioner bottle. I spend a lot of time in the shower, so it’s important to hydrate my skin after. Soie has the perfect nourishing homemade body butter with scents such as lavender and jasmine. Want to personalize the scent for a gift? Soie also offers a personalization option where you can choose how you want your body butter to smell and what it says on the label.

Shop Soie


bath bombs from blissfull essence

Natural Bath Bombs from Blissfull Essence

After a long week, bubble baths are essential. At Blissful Essence, you are able to shop a number of natural soaps, bath bombs as well as hair and body serums.

Shop Blissfull Essence


Skin Drama products

Skincare from Skin Drama

With a focus on Black skin and hyperpigmentation, Skin Drama is a one-stop-shop for a full skincare routine. From cleansers to serums, these organic products are sure to put a smile on your loved ones faces.

Shop Skin Drama


mug by M&K Creative Designs

Afrocentric Creations from M&K Creative Designs

Have a person in your life that you want to show how special they are to you? With M&K Creative Designs you can shop their Afrocentric designs available on bags, masks, coffee mugs and more! If you’re looking for a more personalized design, they’ve got that covered too.

Shop M&K Creative Designs


Tea from Cup of Té

Luxe Loose Leaf Tea from Cup of Té

A cup of tea, and your favourite Netflix film can help you unwind from the day. Containing a set of 6 organic and ethically sourced teas from peppermint devotion to Cha Cha Chai, these luxuriously stored teas are one of Oprah’s faves. Now if that’s not a great gift, I don’t know what is!

Shop Cup of Té


candle from Jean-Marie Candle Co.

Candles from Jean-Marie Candle Co.

You can never go wrong with gifting candles, especially when they smell this good. Jean-Marie Candle Co. carries soy candles that are lightly scented, with smells like birthday cake and laundry day.

Shop Jean-Marie Candle Co.


HelloItsVee tshirt

Tees from HelloItsVee

Graphic tees are great, but graphic tees with your favourite quote, or celebrity, are even better.

Shop HelloItsVee


Dope Haus card

Holiday Cards from Dope Haus

Giving money as a gift this year? Why not put it in a card that they will remember forever! Dope Haus offers cards that feature pop culture references and funny sayings that will surely be the cherry on top of an already amazing gift.

Shop Dope Haus


Franceta Johnson artwork

Artwork from Franceta Johnson

During this time, many of us have been inspired to redesign our space. Franceta Johnson’s artwork is perfect for any wall. Her artwork will add a unique flavour and style to any room!

Shop Franceta Johnson



Make this year doubly special by giving your loved ones the most thoughtful gifts and supporting Black business owners. Our consumption directly impacts the communities around us. The more we support one another, the more successfully we grow!

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