At Home Workout in a Series of Gifs

Summer is officially over and we will soon be trading in our bikinis for coats and jackets. The weather is getting cooler and we might not be able to workout outside soon, but we can still maintain, or start, our fitness journeys. Whether you’re exercising outside on warmer days or indoors, here are some workouts that will help you target the abdominals, glutes, quads, and back.

Put on your favourite playlist, and let’s get started!

Workout #1: Rainbows

Workout #2: Sit Toe Touches

Workout #3: Glute Bridge Walkout

Workout #4: V Sit Ups

Workout #5: Spiderman Crunches

Workout #6: Wide stance Squat to Plie

Workout #7: Hip Drives

Workout #8: Narrow Stance Squat

Workout #9: Lunge Jump

Workout #10: Superman T Pulses

Workout #11: Superman Scaption

Photos and Exercises courtesy of Vinessa Hardy
Instagram: @strongwithvin

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