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Hi family,

As a child, I was always excited to visit my Aunt S’s house. The first thing I did every time I visited her home was run to her living room to see if she added any new framed pictures. My aunt curated her living room as an exhibit, showcasing special memories of my family through photos. She would join me as I looked at the pictures, telling me stories about family members who passed away and others who I never met. These stories have helped connect me to my past, and have given me meaning for my now and my future.

While my experience with Aunt S is unique to me, many of you may have had similar experiences. There is much to be learned from our ancestors’ stories, music, art and literature. These storytelling traditions have served as an inspiration and guide for today’s movements against inequality and the injustices against Black people. 


Toned Mag was birthed out of necessity, and a need to foster community through storytelling. We strive to offer perspective in our work through sharing our varied, lived experiences. We hope this space allows you to see pieces of your journey and connect you to a larger community.

Welcome family!

Founder, Toned Magazine


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Photographer: Angana Ananya

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